New building, new Youth Experience.

At some point this Fall, we will move into our new student ministry building. We are so excited to have a new home for YX and a dedicated space for students to find and follow Jesus.

As of right now, there isn’t a set date for when we will make this move, but we want to go ahead and talk about the changes we will make and new initiatives we will start once we move in.

Until we move in and have our grand opening House Warming Party, YX will continue to run its schedule of Thursday night J High and Sunday Night high school.

What are we changing?

Service Times

J High will move to Sunday mornings at 10am.

High School will move to Sunday mornings at 11:30am.

We know that students and families are busier than ever. We want to maximize the opportunity that Sunday morning provides. Because of our new space, we reach the entire family at the same time. We can make our Sunday mornings the primetime for every member of your family to experience church tailored for their age and specific felt needs. So we’re making Sunday mornings our primetime for student ministry, too.

Crossover Nights

Traditionally we have a Crossover night (J High and High School together) once every semester to kick off the Fall or Spring. We are upping that number to eight Crossovers this year. The Crossover schedule is as follows:

  • 19/20 Fall Kick Off August 14th. It already happened, and we had a blast. If you missed it, you can watch it here.

  • New Building House Warming Party Date to be determined.

  • Halloween Party October 30th.

  • Christmas Party December 18th.

  • WINTER RETREAT MLK WEEKEND. January 24th-26th. It’s a retreat, not a Crossover night but it’s an important new thing next year. Friday night through Monday morning.

  • Galentines (J High & HS Girls Event) February 13th.

  • Senior Takeover March 18th.

  • Crossover De Mayo May 6th.

  • CAMP. June 7th-13th. 6th graders will go to kids camp and 8th graders to J High camp.

  • The YX’ies June 17th. A Crossover night formatted like an awards show.

  • Jump Weekend August 2nd, 2020. Not a Crossover but also an important weekend!

We see a night event as a great opportunity for student to invite any friends that are apprehensive to Sunday mornings or youth group. Seeing is believing, and these high energy, incredible events will serve as big nights to fuel excitement and invites from our students.

YX’s Duration

Right now, J High runs for an hour and High School runs for an hour and a half. With the move to Sunday mornings, we want to split the difference for both environments and have each run for an hour and fifteen minutes.

Parents, this is where you come in. Adult service typically runs somewhere between an hour to an hour and five minutes. Depending on when adult service lets out, we need an extra 10-15 minutes with your students each week. We want to give them 45 minutes of a large-group service and 30 minutes of time in groups. We’re asking you to invest this time each week into your student’s group time before picking them up and going about your Sunday. And we have a solution to help you pass the time…

Undergrounds Pop-Up

You may or may not have noticed that we recently started an Undergrounds pop-up on Sunday mornings located at the ground level of our amphitheater. This limited menu extension of Undergrounds is saving some of us the walk across the parking lot to get our caffeine fix on Sundays. We will move the Undergrounds pop-up to the lobby of the student building so that parents can have a great excuse to come and enjoy the new space for a few minutes, too.

With the Undergrounds pop-up located inside, we think the student building lobby could be a perfect place to pass the time as you wait for your student to wrap up in groups. It could be a great way to meet other parents, extend your community, and even meet the staff of YX. So if you have 15 minutes to kill after adult service lets out anyway, we’d love for you to come spend it with us.

During the Week

Our youth experience will extend past Sunday mornings and Crossover nights. In the new space, we will have an open lobby Monday through Thursday 3:30-6pm for students to come connect with others, work on homework, and meet up with their group leader. This won’t be an after-school program but instead will function more as an open space for students to belong and study.

We also want to extend our reach of care by helping pair students up with volunteers who can help with homework. These volunteers are willing to give an hour of their time to help specific students with specific subjects. If you want more details about homework help for your student or you want to know more about how you could volunteer as a tutor, please email us.

Another way we will extend our care to students is by offering volunteers who could meet and offer biblical advice to students. Teenagers are processing a lot and sometimes it helps to have someone to talk to. So we are offering non-licensed volunteers who could help them navigate life’s many pressures and obstacles. These volunteers will also be equipped to advise when an actual licensed counselor is needed and can give contact information for parents to contact and set up a meeting with the offices of great counselors here in Santa Clarita. To set up a meeting with a volunteer or to get more details on how to become a volunteer for this, please email us.

Parents, we are excited to make these changes as we continue to come alongside you and your student. We know that by partnering with you, we can help your student find and follow Jesus. If there is ever anything our student ministry team can do, please contact us. For more details on what partnership with you could look like, check out our Parents page.