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Us For Them 1


God is for you.



There's something about competitions that makes you excited to root for "us" or root against "them."

It's easy to see other people as our enemies when they look, think, act, or believe differently than we do.


Over and over again, the Old Testament tells stories of how humans made enemies of each other and of God.

No matter how many times we treated God (and each other) like our enemies, God never gave up.

It's as though God was saying, "It was never Me or you. It has always been Me for you."

God chose Abraham to start a whole new way of living — a way that would eventually allow everyone (not just Abraham's relatives) to be adopted into God's family.

While we were enemies we were reconciled to God by the death of his Son.


John 3:16 — God loves us.

  • I Peter 5:7 — God cares about us.

  • Psalm 139:14 — God made us with care.

  • Matthew 10:29-31 — God watches over us.

God created you. God loves you. God is not against you. God is for you.


Q1: What's one way you've seen people treat each other like enemies?

Q2: What are some things God is against? What are some things God is for?

Q3: Why do you think most people can list more things they think God is against than things they think God is for?

Q4: If you really believed God is for you, how would it change your life?

Q5: If God is for you, who else is God for?

Q6: If you believe God is for the whole world, how should it change the way you look at other people?

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