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J High starts back.


Godly friendships help you grow.



Has a friend ever helped you learn something surprising about yourself?

Isn't it amazing how our friends can help us see things we weren't able to see before?


We need friends willing to throw us a lifeline WHEN WE'RE DRIFTING, WHEN WE'RE DISTRACTED, and WHEN WE'RE DROWNING.

Mary and Martha were two of Jesus' disciples. Martha was so busy trying to make everything perfect for Jesus' visit that she wouldn't sit down and listen to Him teach. Martha was frustrated with her sister for not helping. she took her frustration out on her sister . . . and Jesus called her out on it. But Jesus wasn't harsh, or impatient, or rude. Jesus simply helped Martha see something she hadn't seen before. He gave her a chance to choose a different way.

Jesus didn't condemn or shame Martha, but He didn't ignore the moment either.

We're called to be imitators of God. we can imitate God in our friendships when we build friendships that help us grow.


Where do you need to grow? Are you drifting, distracted, or drowning?

Do you have the kind of friends who will help you see what you can't see, so you can become who God has called you to be?

Are you the kind of friend who is willing to throw a lifeline to someone you care about?

Do your friendships help everyone grow closer to God?

Do your friendships help everyone grow as a person?

Do your friendships help everyone grow in the way you love others?

Invite your friend to throw you a lifeline and commit to being a lifeline for your friends even when it’s hard.


Q1: If you thought a friend might need to be confronted about their behavior, would you be more likely to say something or stay quiet?

Q2: In the story we heard today, how do you think you would have felt or reacted if you were Martha?

Q3: What did you notice about the way Jesus helped Martha grow?

Q4: Why do you think it's so difficult to hear others tell us about the ways we need to grow?

Q5: What is one area of your life that is better today because someone helped you grow?

Q6: Read Proverbs 27:17. How would you like to see this group to sharpen each other?

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High School starts back.