Being a Coach at YX

Being a coach at YX means you lead group leaders. Your role is to love, serve, and lead the group leaders. Healthy, spiritually growing coaches can produce healthy, spiritually growing group leaders. A coach is what we consider a level 3 leadership role, which means there are even more expectation on a coach’s character, example, personal growth, and leadership.

  • Level 1: Team Member. Team members include people who serve on guest services, production, or set up/tear down. Team members can also serve on non-service teams like logistics, communications, or creative.

  • Level 2: Leader. This is where serving others moves to leading others. Anyone in charge of a team or a group is a level 2 leader. This includes group leaders and point-people of serving teams.

  • Level 3: Coach. A coach leads group leaders or serving team point-people.

What does a coach do?

As a coach, you stay dialed in to two things: your people and our purpose.

Relational wins with your people:

1. Connect.

2. Grow.

3. Empower

Leadership wins with our purpose:

4. Structure

5. Invite

6. Inspect.

Pick 2, do 2. Dedicate 2 hours a week to 2 wins.