How we plan an engaging service.

#1: Start with the big idea.

Our content creators develop one-sentence bottom lines. This is the starting building block for building our plan.

#2: Think about the calendar.

What is currently on the minds of students? What are students thinking about or experiencing? Beginning of football season, Fall break, prom, a big rivalry game, a pop song or music video, etc.

#3: Craft creative elements for each segment of the environment.

Work through the engagement funnel and plan ideas and moments for pre-service, the opener, worship, the message, group, and after party.

The Engagement Funnel

Starting broad, and narrowing in at every segment. Point the night to the big idea in groups. Broaden the scope back wider again for the after party/after groups.

engagement funnel.png

Questions to ask.

Of every environment, program, and production, ask: 

  1. Was the setting appealing?

  2. Was the presentation engaging?

  3. Was the content helpful?