Under Pressure 4

Under Pressure Week 4

Big Idea: Jesus brings our focus to God’s “how much more” nature. Instead of the worldly “will I ever have enough.”

1)      Which God do you know better?  The God of grace, love, and abundance or the God of scarcity, fear, and punishment?

2)      Do you tend to focus on the things you do have, or the things don’t have?

3)      How do you fight the “It’s never enough” feeling?

4)      Can you name 3 things in your life you are grateful for right now?

5)      What are your current priorities?  Do you think that’s the best place for your focus?

6)      Do you only run to God out of fear or do you also remember him in times of joy?

7)      How can you participate in God’s love in your daily life?