Why YX 1

Why YX   (Week 1)

Lead-Off Question: Every name has a meaning. Do you know what your name means? (Feel free to take a minute and Google those that don't know the meaning of their name.)

1) Of the 3 things we want our youth to experience, what stands out to you?

  • Real life in Christ.
  • Real relationships with others.
  • Real purpose together.

2) What does "real life" in Christ mean to you?

3) Where is God when you are in the midst of a mess?  Fearful, failing, making bad choices, lonely, stressed, angry, etc.

4) Do you feel like you have to be "good enough" before you can include Christ in every part of your life?

5) Does anything keep you from allowing Christ into every part of your life?  

6) Are you afraid of being honest with people? Why or why not?

7) What do you think God thinks about you when you are honest with Him?

8) Do you want grace from God and help from Him in your life?

                   Definition of Grace - the free and unwarranted approval and love of God