Group Time for YX Launch Party

Tonight in groups we'll play "The Game of Things!"

Here's how you play. 

Things you'll get at the Group Leaders Meeting:

  • A stack of cards
  • Pens for everyone
  • Response papers for everyone
  • A score card for you

Each Group bundle has enough for 8 to play. Grab as many group bundles you'll need for all of your students to be able to play.

1. Read a card out loud.

2. Have everyone write their response, fold their paper and turn it in to you.

3. Read the responses out loud.

4. Going clockwise, the person to your left guesses who wrote what, they can try to tie any response to any person. If they get it right, they score a point, and the person who wrote it is out of the round. They go again until they get a guess wrong. When they get a guess wrong, they're not out of the round, but it moves to the next person to guess. You remain in the round until someone matches you up with your response.

5. The round ends when only one player has not been matched to his/her response. This last person scores 2 points for being the last one standing.

Play as many rounds as you want or as time will allow! You are supplied with enough cards and response papers to play 5 rounds. The after party will start at 8:30pm. Send everyone to the amphitheater for walking tacos and to watch the Active skate team.