Foundations 2

We rebelled.

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Big idea:

None of us are “good enough” for God.

Message notes:

We rebelled: “No thanks, I’ll lead myself.”

We try to fight sin the only way we know how: being good.

None of us are "good enough" for God.

Romans 3:23 All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

Doing good things doesn’t reverse the rebellion.

We need someone else to be good enough for us.

Group Questions:

Q1: In what area of your life are you rebelling against God most? With your words, actions, thoughts, beliefs, or behaviors?

Q2: Why would you want to stop sinning?

Q3: According to Matt, how do people typically try to fight sin ?

Q4: Why do we need to understand we are not good? Being the least stinky diaper in the trash can isn’t going to cut it.

Q5: Why can you never do enough right to outweigh your wrongs?