Foundations 5


Next at YX

Here is something coming up to talk about in group and invite your students:


  • Baptisms: Sunday, December 2nd at the 11:30 service. For more information click here.

  • Remind your students about

    • Thanksgiving break. We will be back the following week November 29th and December 2nd for our new series “Where our story began”

    • Winter camp registration

Big idea:


Message notes:

Q&A Night.

Group Questions:

Keep the conversation going:

Q1: What did you guys think about tonight?

Q2: Everybody take 1 minute and come up with another question you have about church, the bible, God, anything you are still confused or unsure about.

Try this: Keep looking into it, look in the Bible, ask knowledgeable people around you, pray and ask God.