Where Our Story Began 3

I was changed when Jesus entered my story.

Fall Survey

Did anyone miss filling out the survey a couple of weeks ago? Have them fill it out during group tonight.

Big Idea:

Accepting Jesus’ invite requires action. The first step is to come and see.

Message notes:

FOMO vs. JOMO. The JOY of missing out.

“What will the invite cost me?”

The Shepherd’s story: I was invited when Jesus entered my story.

Luke 2:7-20 ESV

The invite will cost you change.

Everyone’s Jesus story: I was changed when Jesus entered my story.

John 10:10 ESV

The invite requires action.

Group Questions:

Q1: When invited somewhere, do you usually experience FOMO or JOMO?

Q2: Whether an invite started with FOMO or JOMO, how do you usually feel once you go to the event?

Q3: No one made the Shepherds or Nathanael go see Jesus, why do you think they accepted the invitation?

Q4: How has knowing Jesus changed your story?

Q5: The most enticing invitation comes from someone who is already excited about the event. If you are a believer, do you think people see excitement in your life with God? In what ways?

Q6: If you accepted an invitation to YX tonight or at any point, what was it that made you come and see?

Try this: If you have a story with Jesus at church or YX, try taking the next step and letting Him be in your story at school or home and see what changes.

Next at YX

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The YX Birthday Party

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