Shred the Setlist 2

Worship is…

Big Idea

We can’t worship with our actions until we worship with our focus.

Message notes:


What does “living a life of worship really mean?”


Transformation and non-conformity on the outside must flow from a new mind. The essence of worship is being satisfied in God and a cherishing of Christ.


  1. Fix our focus

  2. Treasure God

  3. Sacrifice daily

    Sacrificing isn’t just about getting rid off something you want. It is about getting rid of something you want for something you want more. 


Not Conformed, but Transformed

Group Questions:

Q1: What is a way you can see someone living a life of worship?

Q2: If your focus is on pleasing God first, how might that change your actions?

Q3: What sacrifice have you made or do you make for God?

Q4: Has there ever been a goal you wanted to reach so badly you sacrificed other things you may have wanted for it? What kind of things did you sacrifice?

Q5: If you have made a sacrifice for a goal, was it worth it and why?

Q6: Do you feel like God is worth sacrificing for? Why or why not?

Next at YX

Here is something coming up to talk about in group and invite your students:

Worship Night: April 7th from 5-6pm. This will be a crossover night for both J High and High School.

Summer Camp: Registration is open!

J High June 23-29th * High School June 9-15th

Seniors: Senior Sessions topic this week is How to Study the Bible lead by Matt Denton in Room 105 Tuesday 4-5.

Follow our new Senior Sessions Instagram to stay up to date with what’s going on @yxseniorsessions.

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