Talking Dating Complicating 4

Be the one you want to date.


1) What do you think about the last part of this quote?

             We may give our human loves the unconditional allegiance which we owe only to God. Then they become gods: then they become demons." -C.S. Lewis

2) What is the point of marriage? 

3) Do you believe that the God who created heaven and Earth is enough for you?  Why or why not?

4) How can you have a purpose beyond your significant other?

5) What is your purpose and if you don't know how can you find it? 

6) Is my relationship or want for a relationship in the way of whatever the purpose is God has given me or is trying to show me?

7) The first relationship in the bible is between God and Adam.  What can you do this week to make God the first and foremost relationship in your life?  Remember any relationship takes effort on both sides.