Senior Takeover

Senior Takeover

Theme: Then & Now

Questions from Chelsea's message:

Q1: Are you living for the approval of your peers?  Or are you living for the applause of heaven? 

Q2: Can you take a step forward even if it is uncomfortable at first?  Why or why not? 

Questions from Trevor's message:

Q1: Why can it be hard to seek community when dealing with your problems?

Q2: How can you remind yourself that even in the darkest valley you are not alone?

Questions from Alyssa's message:

Q1: Alyssa's first point was to "remember the good things". What are 3 good things others have done for you or said to you?

Q2: Point two was "be that person".  What is one way you can be that person to someone else?

Q3: Think of the person that "brings you up" in your life, and make it a priority this week to thank them for being that person.