Is it wise? 3

Who are you listening to?

Big Idea: Find people who will tell you what you don't want to hear.

Give instruction to a wise man, and he will be still wiser; teach a righteous man, and he will increase in learning. (Proverbs 9:9 ESV)

Q1 | Which inner tendency do you struggle with when being corrected, the simple, the fool, or the mocker?

Q2 | If it can mean hearing harsh correction do you want to be wise? If not, what is your hesitation? 

Q3 | Why is it so tough to hear the honest truth?

Q4 | What would it take for you to learn to love advice?

Q5 | Are there people in your life that you are willing to make the effort to trust their correction for you?  Take a moment to identity who  is in this "trusted circle"? If there is no one, is it because you are being too foolish to trust? 

ACTION | Make a decision tonight to remember that correction from people in your "trusted circle" want the best for you.  In the moments of correction remind yourself of this so you can see what they see in you.  Become the wise that wants to know and be better.