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Big Idea:

Every platform is a platform of preparation. 


Luke 7:25-27 “What did you expect when you went out to see him in the wild? A weekend camper? Hardly. What then? A sheik in silk pajamas? Not in the wilderness, not by a long shot. What then? A messenger from God? That’s right, a messenger! Probably the greatest messenger you’ll ever hear. He is the messenger Malachi announced when he wrote, I’m sending my messenger on ahead To make the road smooth for you.


Q1: Do you feel like you have a platform?

Q2: Do you feel like people would listen to you, even if you did have something to say? If not, why do you believe that?

Q3: Do you feel like your life influences people in a good way? Do you prepare them to receive good things?

Q4: Do you feel able to actually receive what God has for you? If not, what is holding you back from receiving God’s truth?

Q5: What would it be like to be so secure with who you are that you could stand on your platform and not be worried about what anyone else thought of it?

Q6: Do you believe God made you with a unique platform that needs to be shared with people?

Action STEP:

Ask God, if my platform didn’t have to look like anyone else’s; what would it be, what would I do, and how would it point people to you?

REmind your group abou:

  • (HS Only) No High School next week due to fall break.

  • After Fall break, we are starting a mini-series about anger called “All the Rage.”

  • Skate Team - Monday nights from 5:30 to 7:30. details are on website.