Foundations 1

God made.

Next at YX:

Here is something coming up to talk about in group and invite your students:

Trunk or Treat Booth

Halloween at RLC is coming up and instead of just attending, what if your group hosted your own trunk or treat booth? This is a huge opportunity to serve together and have fun together. Show your group that serving is fun and fulfilling by signing up for a “trunk” for Halloween at RLC. You can decorate your spot however you want. Pick a theme or do a hodgepodge of themes!

Matt’s pro-tip: You and your co-leader split shifts for the event. Students can serve both shifts or just one. Shift 1: (Setup) 2-5:30pm. Shift 2: 5:30-9pm (Tear Down.)

If you and your group can do a booth, talk to your coach tonight.

Series Big Idea:

What is a faith in Jesus?

What is the gospel? This “good news” we hear about… what does that mean? Have you ever tried to express what you believe and couldn’t find the words? Have you ever struggled over finding the words to answer things like, “Why did Jesus have to die? What does it mean to follow him? How do we have a personal relationship with God?” This series is for you.

We believe the foundations of the gospel can be understandable, personal, and memorable. Our prayer is that after this series, you have more clarity on what you believe and more confidence in your ablility to explain it to others.

Let’s go back to the foundations.


Has church ever been confusing? What about Christianity? Is it complicated?

If church isn't a place that connects to your everyday life, chances are it won’t stay a part of your regular routine.

Faith is not knowing terms, it’s what we believe and practice.

The foundations of a faith in Jesus are believing and practicing these 4 things:

  • God made.

  • We rebelled.

  • Jesus gave.

  • We receive.

What does it mean to believe that you and I were made by God? How would knowing that God made us change how we live?

Does the designer of your life get to be the definer of your life?


Q1: What is the most confusing thing about Christianity to you?

Q2: Do you ever feel like you can’t have a strong faith because you don’t know enough about the bible, God, or church?

Q3: Do you think God cares more if you know the bible and the church or if you know Him?

Q4: What do you put your hope in? Do you feel like that makes your life better?

Q5: Isaiah 45:12 I made the earth and created man on it; it was my hands that stretched out the heavens, and I commanded all their host. How does your existence point to intelligent design or a Creator?

Q6: If you were created on purpose for a purpose, how does that change how you live everyday?