Spring Survey

J High May 3rd. High School May 6th.

Students, we love hearing from you. In fact, this whole YX thing is for your experience! Our goal is to help youth experience real life in Christ. That's why we ask for feedback twice a year. We want to know how we're doing with helping you experience Jesus. This survey is so valuable to us because it gives us real insight about your journey with Christ and time in YX. There are no right or wrong answers and the survey is anonymous. Thank you for taking a few minutes to help us help you.

Major Milestones
Wherever you are with your faith, if you're figuring out Jesus or this Christianity thing, not interested in it at all, or a long-time follower of Christ, we're just happy you're here. All belong, and when you're ready to take next steps, we'll be here to help. These are faith steps we consider a big deal. Mark all that apply.
Group Experience
Group Experience
I love my group.
My group leader and I are close.
Our conversations stay on topic with the message.
I'm comfortable talking and opening up in group.
My group size feels:
Time in group feels:
What I like about group:
Mark all that apply.
I hang out with my group leader:
Mark all that apply.
Youth Experience
Youth Experience
I want to be at YX every week.
I come to YX to see my friends.
I come to YX to grow closer to Jesus.
I come to YX because my parents want me to.
YX is a place I would bring my unchurched friends.
What I like about YX:
Mark all that apply.
Staying in the loop.
What ways are you staying informed about what's going on at YX? Mark all that apply.
Any other thoughts? Comments? Likes? Dislikes? Gripes? Praises? Stories? Questions?