Summer Camp 2019

J High

june 23rd-29th


High School

june 9th-15th


General Info

Get ready for the best week of the year. Join us as we go to Hume Lake. For 7 days, we have so much, play so many games, enjoy so many activities, and experience great services. These services have live worship and speakers that talk about the gospel in a way that makes sense and hits students right where they are. Your student can make friendships that last a lifetime and hear and receive truth that will last them forever. What’s not to love about Summer Camp?

Do you want more details? Check out the page for Hume, the destination of our summer camp.

How do I register my student?

Step 1: Make your deposit.

Make a deposit of $200 and reserve your student’s spot. Please note that your student’s spot is not reserved until the deposit is made.

Step 2: Register with Hume.

You will be sent an email link from Hume asking you to complete their online registration.

Step 3: Register with us.

Fill out our our medical and travel waiver and return via email.

Step 4: Keep making payments.

Balance in full will be due 45 days prior to camp.

Step 5: Attend the camp meeting.

You will also need to attend a camp parent meeting, date and time will be emailed to you.

What’s changed?

No more roommate requests.

We are no longer accepting roommate requests. Cabin placements will be based on gender, grade, and YX small groups.

Summer Camp is an amazing experience and we are excited for your camper to join us!