Winter Camp 2019

J High

February 1-3


High School


General Info

Snow. Boxsled Blitz. Monster Tube Run. Broom Hockey. Great music. Preachers that make sense. Friendships that last a lifetime. Truth that lasts forever. What’s not to love about Winter Camp?

Do you want more details? Check out the page for Hume, the site of our winter camp.

How do I register my student?

Step 1: Complete the interest form.

The first step will be to complete an interest form below. Once the interest form is completed, the student will receive registration materials or be placed on a waitlist based on their YX attendance.

Step 2: Register with Hume.

If not waitlisted, you will receive an email where you will begin the registration process.

Step 3: Turn in your medical and travel waiver.

Prior to making the $100 deposit, you will be asked to complete the Hume online registration and the travel waiver for RLC.

Step 4: Make your deposit.

Once these steps are completed you will be given the link to make your deposit and reserve your student’s spot. Please note that spot is not reserved until the deposit is made.

Step 5: Attend the camp meeting.

You will also need to attend a camp parent meeting, date and time to be determined.

Step 6: Keep making payments.

Balance in full will be due 45 days prior to camp.

What if I’m waitlisted?

If waitlisted, after priority registration has been completed, we will begin extending invites to students on the waitlist. Waitlisted students and their parents will need to attend the mandatory camp meeting in order to go to camp.

What’s changed?

1. Students who attend YX get priority registration.

The YX camp registration process has changed. As a Student Ministry trip, priority registration will be given to students who regularly attend YX.

Our desire is that RLC youth camps are a ministry based event and we want to make sure that space is available for our regular attenders.

2. All the paperwork is due before the deposit.

To ensure that all required paperwork is completed in a timely manner, deposits will not be accepted until the Hume registration and the RLC medical/travel waiver have been completed.

3. No more roommate requests.

We are no longer accepting roommate requests. Cabin placements will be based on gender, grade, and YX small groups.

Winter Camp is an amazing experience and cant wait to see what God has in store for your camper!